Preposiciones básicas





  • Specific times
  • Definite place
  • Full address
  • Speed
  • Idea of definite time and place

Exception: at night: use in for the other parts of the day.

  • He has class at 8:30.
  • My brother is at school.
  • They live at 2388 Park Road.
  • He was driving at 90 miles per hour.
  • The exercise is at the end of the lesson.


  • Inside
  • Cities, boroughs
  • States, countries
  • Parts of countries
  • Continents
  • Parts of the day
  • Months, seasons, years
  • Time (length of time)
  • within
  • We are in the kitchen.
  • The school is in the UCV.
  • How long have you lived in Caracas?
  • I live in the West.
  • We saw many interesting sights in Europe.
  • We have class in the morning.
  • Graduation will be in July.
  • You’ll have your exam in seven days.
  • I’ll be back in ten minutes.


  • On the surface
  • Streets, avenues
  • Floors
  • Dates
  • Days of the week
  • On a farm, a planet, an island, campus
  • Punctuality
  • The book was on the table.
  • Their house is on First Street.
  • My apartment is on the sixth floor.
  • My birthday is on October 22nd.
  • There is no class on Saturday.
  • He works on campus.
  • He’s usually here on time.

Note: in time for something)


  • Means, by way of (pasando por; por vía de; como; por medio de; a modo de)
  • You learn by repeating.
  • You can get there by car.


  • Possessive of things
  • Parts of a whole
  • The leg of the chair was broken.
  • I bought a pound of carrots.


  • Exact position (vertical)
  • The light is over jack.
  • The cabinets are over the counter.


  • Destination
  • Leave for
  • Arrive at place
  • Arrive in a city
  • We are going to New York.
  • The plane to Houston left an hour ago.
  • He got to his office at eight.
  • They will arrive in New York tonight.


  • Degree higher than
  • Location higher than
  • The temperature is above 40.
  • There are cabinets above the sink.


  • To a lower degree
  • Is Caracas above or below sea level?